Sunday, December 2, 2012

I just had my 3rd glass of cappuccino, don't know what it means though.

I want to speed up time to next semester which I'll be sure where will I go for exchange or double degree programme. I can hardly wait until I finally able to escape from this routines, and this town. I guess I'm just extremely bored. I have these choices : Rotterdam, Groningen, Germany, Innsbruck, and UK. I was sure, prior to last week that I'll choose UK no matter what it takes. But then I heard a lot of stories about Groningen, which made me certain to decide to go there. I really can't wait. Funny thing is I don't feel anything towards this town anymore. Not love, not hatred. Mati rasa, probably. Nothing in this town would make me stay longer than I should do, nothing and nobody. I miss my hometown, I miss my family, I miss my room, I miss my old friends. The only thing I like about this town is my friends, they're lovely for sure, but still, I miss my old life.

Whilst I was still in High school, I had this dreams that one day, I'll be living in Bali, have my own Coffee shop, and my own clothing line. I would bake cakes, cookies, brew coffees in the morning, go to the beach for sunset, and design clothes in the evening. Life would be perfect. But, there's always but in every story, I'm a big city girl, I won't stand long being far from big city. Like, Jakarta or Paris "où j'ai laissé mon coeur". Yet I never imagine living in Paris for long time although I  love that city to bits. Can I live in both at the same time? I want both Jakarta and Bali :(

God knows the best though, I'm sure God will give me the best decision one day.

I'm just bored.

Ghh extremelyyyyyy bored.

And I love this song by Float -Pulang

Dan lalu...

Rasa itu tak mungkin lagi kini
Tersimpan di hati
Bawa aku pulang, rindu!

Dan lalu...

Air mata tak mungkin lagi kini

Bicara tentang rasa

Bawa aku pulang, rindu!


Jelajahi waktu

Ke tempat berteduh hati kala biru

Dan lalu...

Sekitarku tak mungkin lagi kini

Meringankan lara

Bawa aku pulang, rindu!


Dan lalu...

Oh langkahku tak lagi jauh kini

Memudar biruku

Jangan lagi pulang

Jangan lagi datang

Jangan lagi pulang, rindu
Pergi jauh!

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