Monday, September 1, 2014

6:03 PM. 10 minutes before boarding.

Always a heartsore to leave home, walaupun itu untuk mengejar cita cita yang sudah diimpikan dari jaman kecil. Never a pleasure memang buat ninggalin the so called your comfort zone. Which for me,  I would say super comfort zone. Why would I leave home? I have people who care for me disana and those people are the ones I really do care about. Family, best friends, potential best friends, childhood friends, siapalah.. Living far from those people for the past 1 year made me realize how worthy they are. Walaupun gue masih sangat sangat bersyukur that I got this rare opportunity to experience living abroad.

It's true, that distance only makes your heart grow fonder. So does your love.

6 more months di Netherlands, insyaAllah if everything goes well (AMIN) & I'll be back home :-) 

Btw yesterday I watched Lucy (the movie) & though plotnya agak kentang, tp ada 1 quote that I really like. I forgot the exact words :p tapi intinya, she said kalo satuan hitung buat hidup manusia sebenar2 nya bukan angka, melainkan waktu. Krn without time, life would only be a series of meaningless things. 


Gotta enjoy every seconds of my life! 

Ciao, see u Indo in 6 months :-)

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